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Complete Wastewater Solutions
We are your One-Stop-Shop when it comes to Septic Tanks, Sewage Treatment Systems and Pumping Stations - both Domestic and Commercial

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Septic Tank Upgrading


Why do so many people choose us for their septic tank upgrade ?

Our before, during and after work service is unrivalled. When we come out to discuss your requirements you will see the difference in dealing with our experienced technical staff.

Our staff will listen to your needs and requirements, technically survey your existing system, explain any technical issues in plain english and give you a written quotation. All our staff work to the highest professional and technical standards.

We don't use subcontractors to carry out upgrades unlike almost all other companies. A qualified site assessor is on site daily ensuring all works are completed to the highest standard without exception.

Complete septic tank upgrading is available Nationwide

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Septic Tank Replacement

Upgrade your existing septic tank with the confidence that it will be completed to the highest standards.
We have a range of options and septic systems to make upgrading your septic tank simple and cost effective, with effective results. If you are thinking about a septic tank upgrade call sepcon today to arrange a callout by one of our experienced engineers. Sepcon can carry out all works from septic tank replacement to percolation modifications and alterations. We have septic systems that are designed for new builds, add-ons and total replacements. All sewage systems are CE/EN marked and have IAB certification.



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Head Office
Moyglare Road
Co. Kildare

Office hours
For Breakdowns - Call 045 579 300 or  01 6287300
8am - 5pm Mon-Fri

9am - 1pm Sat

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Complete Wastewater Solutions represents our all round ability and commitment to provide for and satisfy the needs of our customers whatever they may be.




News & Speical Offers



HRI now extended until end of 2016

02 December 2015


The Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) Scheme provides for tax relief for Homeowners by way of an Income Tax Credit at 13.5% of qualifying expenditure on repair, renovation or improvement works carried out on the Homeowner'main home by qualifying Contractors has now been extended until 31st December 2016.


The septic tank registration process is now under way
22 June 2013

Phil Hogan made the announcement at an Oireachtas committee this afternoon.

A public information campaign, including details of who and when to register, is to be launched.

Mr Hogan has urged householders to register their septic tank on a reduced fee of €5, which will apply until 28 September.

After that a €50 registration fee will apply.

There will be no charge for inspection.

Proposals to introduce a charge on the registration of septic tanks have already caused Mr Hogan some difficulties.

Septic tank inspections & upgrading
22 June 2011

Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has said that if Ireland is to comply with a directive relating to ground water quality, there will be a cost to farmers and householders with septic tanks.

The minister said his department was currently looking at practical ways in which monitoring and inspection of septic tanks could take place, to ensure they are working properly and that those who need to make improvements do so as quickly as possible.

He said the legislation on septic systems would be in place from the autumn and rolled out next year.

The European Commission is currently taking Ireland to court for a second time over the absence of the legislation for septic systems.

Have your septic tank surveyed for free
August 2010

For a limited time, we offering a free survey of your existing septic tank.

July 2011

Septeck announced that it will offer a full €250 discount on all combined wastewater treatment system & percolation installation packages. All you have to do is mention this web offer after receiving your quote.

This offer is valid untill 30/09/2011

Septic Tank Replacement
June 2010

New laws planned for next year mean that over 400,000 Irish homeowners will be forced to buy a licence for their septic tank for the first time.

Environment Minister John Gormley said that he will introduce a licensing and inspection system for septic tanks, affecting 440,000 homes in rural areas.

Under a new licensing system, a public body will undertake the inspections to ensure the septic tanks and their drainfields are working correctly and not causing pollution all over ireland.

The department has not yet decided how much a licence will cost, but in the UK similar licences cost €125.
The move could be a result of the European Court of Justice’s ruling on Oct.29th 2009, declaring that Ireland had broken EU law for failing to enact legislation to deal with domestic wastewater from septic tanks and other treatment systems.

It is likely that many septic tanks ireland will fail the inspection; as is happening in France where a similar inspection programme is already taking place. Homeowners would be forced to replace their tanks if they fail this survey or pose a risk to public health.

Particularly affected will be tanks located on waterlogged sites or where clay soil predominates and these are likely to require replacement with superior treatment plants.

Penalties of up to €5000 are also possible for septic systems that are found to be polluting the environment. Mr Gormley said he would be considering the European court's judgment and introducing the licensing system, stating, 'We know that in far too many instances septic tanks or on-site sewage treatment systems are causing pollution. The absence of a licensing and inspection system is a major weakness in our overall environmental management structures”

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Septic tank upgrading in Ireland is available with septeck, we can upgrade your septic tanks or septic system. We provide a complete turnkey package when you repair or upgrade your septic tank. We also service and repair your system including air blower and pumps. A large range of services is provided for septic tanks including air compressors and water pumps. We provide service in Meath, Kildare and Dublin and also cover Cavan, Louth, and Wicklow for servicing septic tanks. Septeck can monitor your treatment system remotely and sell brands such as tricel and oakstown baf. If you have biocycle problems then we can help we can repair envirocare and biodisc systems at low prices. Septeck carry a range of septic tanks and parts for biocycles, biodiscs and envirocare septic systems. Replacement pumps for pumping stations and septic tanks at unbeatable prices. We carry a range of biocycle parts and provide septic tank replacement and percolation parts. We sell tricel sewage systems at unbeatable prices. Septic tank replacement is available in Dublin, Meath and Kildare.
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